Natural spring flavor

Made with water from a spring in the upper Iregua river basin in a natural, environmentally-rich area surrounded by beech and oak trees. Water famous from time immemorial for its medicinal properties and whose physicochemical characteristics are ideal for making beer.

Selected malts

We select the best malts and hops from the most renowned malting plants for our raw ingredients. The result of this combination is Ceriux, a craft beer rich in nuances and personality.

Ceriux is a highly-expressive craft beer

Ceriux is a double fermented craft ale, fermented and aged for over a month and then fermented again in the bottle in temperature-controlled chambers.

Ale is a name that covers all top-fermented beers, which means that the fermentation process occurs on the surface of the liquid. The yeast that causes the fermentation process floats on the top of the liquid for several days before settling to the bottom. Ales ferment rapidly at temperatures between 15 and 25 °C and are usually served at a temperature of 12°C or higher.

Ceriux, the beer with “a touch of wine”

During the process of brewing our beers we add an ingredient that sets Ceriux apart from other beers. The concentrated grape must imparts aromas and flavors that are usually associated with wine. Red and black grape musts add subtle touches that make Ceriux Dark, Ceriux Brown and Ceriux Blonde, delicious and anything but run-of-the-mill.

Exquisite personality

Every Ceriux has its own nuance-rich personality. Different notes, aroma and color, making them the ideal beers to pair with a range of foods, even the richest dishes.

Discover what makes them different:

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