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Ceriux Brown

Avaiable in 375 ml. and 750 ml.



Beer made from barley malt, with a selection of hops and grape juice concentrate.


It has a rich mahogany color with dense, persistent cream foam.


Aromatically presents notes of nuts (toasted hazelnut), caramel, raisins and coffee with a slight roasted background.


The palate is creamy, complex with balanced bitterness and aftertaste dominated by hints of dried fruit with subtle notes of licorice.


Perfectly accompanies vegetables such as artichokes, green beans, cabbage, endives and green asparagus, salads and fruits, seafood with spicy sauces, marinated, white meat game, lamb stew and baked or roast beef; grilled meats or grilled, with some cured meats, especially chorizo, ham and Iberian cured meat, for a salty counterpoint, or semi-hard, creamy, blue and Manchego cheeses which are known for their fat content, smooth texture, and acidity.

And, in general, any dishes cooked with beer are ideal for pairing with this same drink because the flavors will complement.

Each Ceriux beer has its own personality rich in nuances. Different notes, aroma and color. Discover what makes them different.

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