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Ceriux Blonde

Avaiable in 375 ml. and 750 ml.



Beer made from barley malt and wheat with a selection of hops and spices and concentrated white grape juice.


Its color is golden yellow, slightly turbid with abundant, dense and lasting white foam.


Aromatically beer is dominated by citrus and spice notes with a background of grain and white flowers.


The palate is refreshing, complex, long-lasting with cereal and citrus aromas and a balanced bitter finish that lengthens its taste.


Combines well with green leafy salads with acidic dressings, with all grilled or poached seafood, salpicón well seasoned with vinegar, steamed shellfish, squid and octopus, bread with tomato and olive oil, oily fish, salmon carpaccio and tuna in olive oil, Japanese Cuisine marinated in soy sauce, spicy wasabi paste, stewed meats with tomato sauce. In desserts, it goes well with apple pie or cheese, fruit and particularly with pears.

And, in general, any dishes cooked with beer are ideal for pairing with this same drink because the flavors will complement.

Each Ceriux beer has its own personality rich in nuances. Different notes, aroma and color. Discover what makes them different.

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