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Cerveza de Vendimia

Avaiable in 375 ml. and 750 ml.


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Cerveza de Vendimia Tempranillo Tinto

Ceriux Cerveza de Vendimia Tempranillo is a complex and fresh beer with good acidity provided by the harvested grapes and with a lasting finish. Beer made from barley malt, wheat, wheat malt, grape and hops.


Raspberry color and turbid appearance, with pinkish froth that emerges again with each movement of the glass.


In terms of aroma, it is complex and dominated by red fruit, such as cherries and raspberries, accompanied by fine reduction notes.


Fresh, light and long-drink beer, with wine and red fruit aromas. In the mouth it is agile and silky. It has a nice, lasting aftertaste that invites to take another swig.


It pairs perfectly with white meat and rice, grilled vegetable and warm salads. In addition, it is perfect to close a lunch, with a wide variety of cheeses.



Cerveza de Vendimia Tempranillo Blanco

Ceriux Cerveza de Vendimia Tempranillo White is a complex and fresh beer with good acidity provided by the grapes and with a lasting finish. Beer made from barley malt, wheat,wheat malt, grape, hops and yeast.


Golden deep yellow and opaline appearance with slightly lasting white froth.


Nose highlights its aromatic complexity, with a fruity predominance marked by peach and green apple notes over a cereal background.


Dry and very refreshing in the mouth, with a significant acidity provided by the grape itself. In terms of aroma, the notes of peach join with the cereal. Nice and complex retronasal feeling.


Perfect accompaniment for appetizers and tapas; delicious with mi-cuit and toast and ideal for combining with dessert, especially apple pie or cheesecake

Each Ceriux beer has its own personality rich in nuances. Different notes, aroma and color. Discover what makes them different.


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