Enjoy Ceriux

High fermentation beer

Ceriux is a Ale type beer, matured for over a month with a second fermentation in the bottle, at temperature controlled chambers.

  • Correct temperature

    We recommend serving Ceriux at a temperature of 12 ° C or more.

    Experts recommend that the container is a little bit cold but in some establishments wary of following the custom during the hottest months. Serving the beer in frosted jars or cups hinders the formation of foam. The thin layer of ice prevents the proper shake of beer when it impacts the glass. Therefore, rather than the glass, which should be very cold is the beer.

  • Correct glass type

    We recommend drinking from a large, thin and wide-mouthed glass

    While ceramic mugs and steins are highly-valued by collectors and are used by many beer drinkers we recommend using glass, the thinner the better. Using glass lets you better appreciate the beer’s transparency, color, aroma and even smell. Of all the types of glasses you can use a wineglass is without a doubt the best, since you can hold it by the stem and thus keep your hand from warming the beer.

    Large, wide-mouthed glasses are better suited for top-fermented and lambic beers.

Exquisite personality

Every Ceriux has its own nuance-rich personality. Different notes, aroma and color, making them the ideal beers to pair with a range of foods, even the richest dishes.

Discover what makes them different:

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