How to Order

How can I order wine on your website?

Instructions on how to place an order on our website and other interesting tips are found below.


You can browse our wines the following ways:

  • The Website’s online store.
  • The Website search browser.
  • Featured links or promotions on the Website.
  • The beer section.
  • The different links to products on the website.


1 - Select your products, format and quantity

Once you visit our wine section you can click on the products for more information.

The order option is also included in the detailed information. You only need to choose the format that best adapts to your needs (6 bottle boxes, promotions, etc.) and select it as well as the quantity you want to purchase and then click on “add to cart”.


2 - Check your cart

You can now review the different products and quantities selected and click on ‘Process Cart’ at the top of the screen when you are happy with your cart.

Already in the shopping cart you can review the different products and quantities purchased and if you're in accordance, you must click 'Continue'.


3 - Sign in or user registration

You will now be required to either sign in as a user (if you haven’t signed in earlier) by either entering your username and password (if you are already an online store customer) or registering as a new store User (if this is your first time ordering on the Website). In this case, to get your username and password you must fill out a simple form.

Once you sign in your can fill out your delivery address and billing addresses if they differ from the addresses entered when you registered. You can also check shipping costs. 

In order to continue it is important to read and accept the terms of sale by checking the box "I agree to the Terms of Sale”. Once reviewed, you only need to click on "Continue to next step".


4 - Review order and payment method

In this last step you can check the order again and finally select the payment method you prefer: bank transfer, PayPal Gateway or debit/credit card.

CERVECERA ARTESANA FUNDADA EN 2012, S.L. will not ask for your Paypal or credit card information. When paying by both PayPal and Payment Gateway, the Website will jump to the safe platform of the online payment system chosen, so that you will always have to enter your credit card or PayPal account details in the secure protocol of PayPal or the bank’s virtual gateway, never CERVECERA ARTESANA FUNDADA EN 2012, S.L..

Once payment is made the system will redirect you to a confirmation page, and a copy of the order will be sent to the email account you provided in your user registration.


5 - Order delivery

You will receive your purchase within the specified period and delivery shall be considered made when the courier notifies through the courier’s tracking system that the customer has received the order.

Remember, you can contact us with any questions you have about your purchase from our contact section.

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