Ceriux, a family of double fermented craft ales, is born. An extensive and innovative range of of extraordinary and refreshingly-crisp flavors imparted by a careful selection of ingredients, including the unique concentrated must that gives the beer a seductive touch that can only be obtained with pure grape sugar.

  • Ceriux Blonde

    Complex and full-bodied with citrus and grain aromas and a balanced bitter finish for a longer aftertaste.

  • Ceriux Brown

    Creamy and complex with a balanced bitterness and subtle notes of licorice, nuts, caramel, raisins and coffee.

  • Ceriux Vendimia

    Ceriux, the hospitality sector’s new gourmet best friend

Convenient ordering from home

We have launched this online store where you can easily order Ceriux beer from home. We’ll delivery your order directly to your door so that you can enjoy the same highly-expressive craft beer recommended by your beer sommelier from the comfort of your home.

Discover what makes them different:

La Rioja, a land of flavors

Ceriux was born tied to a land with history…and it absorbs its culinary character. A wealth of extraordinary raw ingredients make La Rioja a land of flavors and impart Ceriux beer with the most famous varieties of Rioja grape, packing it with nuances and exquisite taste.

Ceriux, the hospitality sector’s new gourmet best friend

Targeted at the hospitality sector, Ceriux is a family of beers whose range of flavors allows multiple combinations that enhance the flavor of all kinds of dishes, even the richest ones. Thus Ceriux becomes a new ally for the hospitality sector, a sector that must constantly find ways to renew the products it offers.

We have prepared a number of tasting notes, found in the “Pairing” section, to take into account when pairing Ceriux with your dishes.

Natural spring flavor

Made with water from a spring in the upper Iregua river basin in a natural, environmentally-rich area surrounded by beech and oak trees. Water famous from time immemorial for its medicinal properties and whose physicochemical characteristics are ideal for making beer.

Selected malts

We select the best malts and hops from the most renowned malting plants for our raw ingredients. The result of this combination is Ceriux, a craft beer rich in nuances and personality.

Exquisite personality

Every Ceriux has its own nuance-rich personality. Different notes, aroma and color, making them the ideal beers to pair with all a range of foods, even the richest dishes.

  • Enjoy Ceriux

    We give you a few simple tips to get the most out of every nuance of your Ceriux.

  • Pairing

    We have prepared a number of culinary suggestions for pairing your dishes with Ceriux.

  • In the Kitchen

    We have created a special space for the hospitality sector with all the information about Ceriux.