Shipping rates

Ceriux Beer shipping rates

Home delivery

We ship through DHL. The weight of each order will depend on the number of bottles, although not all bottles weigh the same. The following are the approximate weights of our products; these are not set rates and should be used for reference purposes only.

6 bottles 750ml case: 11kg
12 bottles 375ml case: 11kg
2 bottles 750ml. + glasses box: 4kg


List of shipping rates

The rates charged for shipping are as follows:

  0 a 
5 a
10 a
20 a
30 a
40 a
50 a
60 a
70 a
80 a
90 a

Mainland Spain

6,10€ 6,55€ 9,18€ 11,71€ 14,04€ 16,05€ 18,12€ 20,17€ 22,21€ 24,01€ 26,13€

Balearic Islands

14,04€ 15,02€ 21,60€ 28,00€ 33,71€ 38,56€ 43,49€ 48,40€ 53,34€ 58,01€ 63,18€

For shipments to other destinations or countries please contact us through our contact section



The order placed will be delivered in a maximum of five (5) working days from payment to mainland destinations and seven (7) business days for all other destinations, excluding orders made through bank transfer in which case the delivery period shall be calculated from Cerveza Ceriux’s receipt of payment.

Should an event of force majeure result in a delay in the specified delivery period, Bodegas Nivarius shall notify the User of the new expected delivery date as soon as possible.

If the courier is unable to deliver the order because no one is at the indicated address to accept the package, the courier will give the User instructions on how to arrange a new delivery date.

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